A Modern Airport Hangar Wedding

Let Love Take Flight

We are loving that the latest trend in weddings is to get married and have your reception in fun and unique places.  There always seems to be new and unique places being chosen to reflect the couples interests and styles.  Which is why we were so excited to be a part of this modern Phoenix wedding photo shoot designed and organized by Jennie Karges Photography.   Styled shoots are great to give future brides and grooms ideas of what they can to within a certain space.  Airplane hangars are great because they are usually large and open, making them a blank canvas for you to add whatever style and theme you want.  In this case the hanger still had small airplanes inside which added so much character and fun photo options!  Talk about large props!!

Jennie was the designer behind the whole shoot and went for a modern yet classy look.  She chose to use our ghost chairs for the sweetheart table.  They are also a blank canvas item as you can adorn them with pretty much any color or style and it works.  They allow you to see the entire table even with the chairs in front it, and the eucalyptus on the back….LOVE IT!


1Our "Jennifers" ghost chairs

Our “Jennifer” ghost chairs

1View More: http://jenniekarges.pass.us/letlovetakeflight

Styles are always evolving and changing.  We are seeing the use of wedding dresses that are not the traditional hue of white.  Some are incorporating different accent colors and some are an entirely different color.  Just loving this vintage inspired blush pink, it’s so feminine.   The jeweled neckline ads that perfect bit of sparkle and glitz.

Phoenix Modern Hanger wedding

The use of eucalyptus for wedding bouquets and flowers is also being seen a lot more lately.  We love the natural look it gives and how it just flows.  We are also seeing people spray paint it with some metallic paint, the silver is my favorite, it takes on a whole new look!

View More: http://jenniekarges.pass.us/letlovetakeflight
View More: http://jenniekarges.pass.us/letlovetakeflight

Jennie also incorporated a modern trend that we love and that is the use of geometric shapes.  The use of them in this set is up subtle but they are there and it brings the whole modern look together along with the large crystal geodes used as table number card holders.

geometric place setting
geometric table numbers


Thank you again to Jennie Karges Photography for allowing us to be a part of this modern airport wedding photo shoot.  Hopefully it gives some inspiration for what you can do with a blank canvas and how to make it your own!