Behind the Scenes of a Photoshoot

Lots of my inventory is used for photos…whether its a couch for a bridal portrait, a family photo, or a styled shoot, I do have a lot of clients that strictly rent my inventory as “photo props”.  Sometimes I’m lucky enough to be a part of the planning process in a styled shoot.  I get to help develop the theme and style we are going for as well as be a part of the design.  Other times I’m just asked for a certain piece that is perfect for the shoot someone else has envisioned.

If I’m not actively planning or styling a shoot I do not always attend.  This past week I wasn’t styling a shoot but was a contributor and mostly an observer. Which was great since it gave me the opportunity to truly watch a photographer in their environment and learn some stuff about taking pictures that will help me both professionally and personally.  This was a small shoot done in the studio, consisting of a photographer, a model, a brooch bouquet designer and myself.  Our goal was to showcase her new bouquet designs as well as some pieces of my furniture.  It was pretty straight forward and simple so it didn’t require a lot of planning!

Our planning was a few emails, a phone call and a quick exchange of pictures of  what each of us wanted to feature.

Here’s a quick peek at the snapshots I sent of new inventory I was interested in using as I had just acquired it and had no shots of any of it yet!

I had seen her bouquet work before when she rented inventory for her wedding.  I remember loving her unique bouquet set with vintage brooches and jewelry, so unique!!  So it really didn’t surprise me when I got an email from her that she went into business making one of a kind bouquets.  Show her some love and check out, she has some great pieces ready to go and she also has some in the works that are going to be gorgeous!!

Since this is a behind the scenes post, I did get a few behind the scenes shots of my own! Gotta love the silent button on the iphone…no one ever knows when your taking a picture.  And being in a studio with controlled lighting I new some of the shots I got would be postable.  Luckily the photographer (www.dennismongphotography) was fine with me getting behind him to get some quick shots of my own so I could write this particular blog post!

So I won’t bore you with all the questions that I asked and some of the really good advice I got regarding lighting, background, etc.  I’ll save that for another blog post, so check back!!  Here are some of my favorite shots from the shoot blending our vintage styles together!

 Our “Rose” chair and her seashells & pearl bouquet.


“Molly” really brought out the colors in the pink and gold rose pageant bouquet.


“Vivian” is very intricate and picks up the intricacy of the brooches in this green and pearl bouquet.


“Madeleine” is a great couch for a bridal shoot, very classic with this black & ivory calla lily brooch bouquet.


“Anna” was the perfect chair to end a long shoot and looked great with the purple and white rose bouquet.

Please contact Vintage Chic Rentals today if you are interested in renting any of our inventory.  We are happy to answer any questions for you any time!!  Please like us on social media to stay up to date on what we are doing!

Photos courtesy of www.dennismongphotography