The Cigar Bar

I have to say I am absolutely in love with the popularity that cigar bars have gained at weddings and events.  It is such a fun idea for the men (and women….even I like to take a couple tokes sometimes) and is a great way to socialize and meet new people at parties!

And being in the vintage rental business I love that it has that vintage feel to it, yet it can take on a modern twist.  We have set up a few cigar bars and have found some great ideas to inspire you to create one of your own.

You can go super simple and put out 3 different kinds of cigars along with cutters and lighters.  It’s really all you need and this gives your guest that are not familiar with cigars a way to pick out the type they want.



This one has a great ambiance to it with the wood crates, cigar boxes and candles.  Gives it a little more intimate and artistic feel to it!



Can’t go wrong with setting up a vintage and rustic cigar bar and this one has it both.  Simple yet full of character with the crates and chalkboard.  The brick wall as the backdrop and burlap on the table just ties it all together.



The addition of wine, scotch or bourbon always goes well with cigar bars, they are the perfect pair!!   Even if you aren’t serving one of the alcohols with them you can still use them to decorate your table.


And don’t forget the chairs….nothing is better than sitting in a wing back chair and enjoying that robust flavor.  Besides the chairs whiskey or wine barrels go well and you have to have some fun ashtrays for everyone to use.  If you have the time scour the vintage stores or Goodwill to find some unique ones, or call your local vintage rental company and they are sure to be able to hook you up with some!!


Here’s a couple of shots of a recent set up we did for a bourbon and cigar birthday party….so fun!!  Our barrels looked great with our Harry and Winston wing back chairs.   Call us today, we can help you set up a unique area for your wedding reception or party!  480-254-4470

cigar lounge