What You Can Do With Our Vintage Ivory Love Seat

A vintage ivory love seat is always in style, it’s a classic piece and our Madeleine is definitely classy.  Yes, I called our love seat Madeleine. We name all of our furniture pieces, not only does it make it easier to know exactly which piece a client is asking about but it also matches what I think their personality would be.  I contemplate naming each piece, it’s not simply because “hey, I  like this name ” (well I do usually like all of the names I use).  Some of them have meaning to me, several are named after very special people in my life … grandparents, children and friends.  One of our first pieces that was purchased is this gorgeous ivory love seat – “Madeleine”.



Madeleine is not named after anyone, I just felt it fit her (yes, the majority of my pieces are “her’s”).  To me it is a very soft, classic and feminine name.  Which perfectly describes this love seat.  I bought it from an older gentlemen who was holding on to it after his mother passed away.  It had been kept in her formal living room at her house in New Hampshire covered in plastic until it came to his home in Arizona where it was placed in his library and rarely used.  I was lucky enough to snag this beauty, I love everything about her.  The carved wood and original casters, she’s definitely a classic.



One of her first uses after we acquired her was at a backyard birthday party, she helped create a lovely vintage lounge.  I really liked her paired with our Ashley coffee table and Molly green silk chair.  This was used at a 40th birthday bourbon and cigar party, so it takes on a little but of a masculine feel here.

We do a lot of backyard weddings and parties, people love to rent unique items to transform their space and make it feel and look different.  I just love our barrels stacked behind Madeleine, such a great backdrop.  We don’t do many of the same set ups twice but this is definitely one that’s worth repeating!

We are still seeing a strong use of vintage furniture in professional photos.  Madeleine has been a favorite for that!  She has been used for maternity photo sessions, engagement pictures and family portraits.  It’s hard to pick a favorite of all the many uses of Madeleine but I do have one…

When we used her to take pictures of my kids!  These are my babies (sadly they are not babies anymore) and I absolutely adore this picture of them.

If you have used our “Madeleine” please feel free to send your pictures to me, we would love to add them to our collection!  And if you want to use her at your next event or photo shoot please give us a call, we would love to see what else can be done with her!