Inventory Shopping in California – Part 1 Los Angeles

Many people claim Disney Land in California is the happiest place on earth, but I am going to say the Long Beach Flea runs a very close race!!!  I have been hearing so much about this once a month market and after reading about it I couldn’t wait to attend.  I planned a trip for the April market and had been counting down the weeks and days, and it finally arrived!!!

My business manager, Jenn (who I will introduce in another post), went with me and we decided to head to LA first and spend a couple of days hitting their consignment stores and head downtown to check out the direct import stores.  Some how the time got away from me and I wasn’t quite able to do as much research on exactly where I wanted to go as I had planned.  We ended up kind of winging it and it worked out just fine!

Woohoo!! On our way!!

Woohoo!! On our way!!

If you are ever in the LA area and want to hit a few vintage consignment stores I highly recommend the following.

Rebound Furniture & Decor on Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills had some great pieces that were sophisticated and modern but with a vintage feel as well.  I could have bought a ton in this store for my house as well as business if only my budget would have been bigger!  If ever in the area, definitely worth stopping in!

Pepes Thrift Shop on Sunset Blvd in Echo Park was also a great find.  Lots of midcentury and modern pieces.  Very small space with furniture stacked up on top of each other.  They were working and reupholstering right in the middle of the shop, super friendly staff and had a very family owned feel.  And you have to go to the bakery directly across the street….their pastries are amazing!!  We enjoyed some delicious macaroons and an espresso so we could going!!


Found this awesome vintage silver punch bowl set!!


Not sure of the names of the other two thrift shops next door to Pepes but you definitely need to pop into them.  They also had some really cool pieces that were very reasonable priced, especially for being in LA.  We picked up a great silver punch bowl and cup set there….can’t wait use it at a party soon!

A few other shops to check out are Three 45 Modern, Casa Victoria, Nick Metropolis and those are just a few!!  There are so many hidden consignment stores around, and if you love junking like we do, then you know the hunt is the best part!!  Well, almost as good as the find! 😉

Now as far as downtown goes, there is no true furniture district but there are some hidden gems down there.  If you have the time and the patience you can find some amazing  and unique things for some really good prices.  Just expect to do a ton of walking, be sure to bring plenty of water and CASH!!  You will ALWAYS get a better price if you pay cash!

I didn’t do a ton of research on the downtown LA furniture stores but I did enough to know which ones I definitely wanted to hit.  Home Mart on Wall St. was on the top of my list.  It imports very ornate Roccoco and Victorian reproductions directly from China.  While the pieces aren’t exactly cheap, they are more affordable than what you would find any place else.  I could have bought a lot in that place, but I was strictly looking for two ornate matching chairs to work as his & hers for the sweetheart table.  And boy did I find what I was looking for, I couldn’t decide which set I wanted!!!  I finally decided to go with the silver Loius IV arm chair with white leather and rhinestones.  Can’t wait to see how these beauties will look at a sweetheart table!!

Love at first site!

Love at first site!

A lot of the so called stores are more like booths to me and not all of them have actual names on them so unfortunately I cant tell you where to go.  But a couple others that are worth checking out are

Haptor Barrett Furniture on 9th St.

LA Furniture Store on Santa Fe

Besides the furniture, I was so so taken in with all the fresh flowers that we had to walk all through the flower district.  The smell was amazing and I wish we could have bought bundles and bundles of them.  But instead  we bought our fair share of painted manzania trees, twigs, sticks…not sure what you call them but we had to have them in white, silver, gold and black!! Fitting them and the chairs in the back of my car was a challenge but we somehow managed!

A couple of the Manzania trees we came home with ... I

A couple of the Manzania trees we came home with … I’m obsessed with them!!

All this got us super hungry and tired so we headed to the first Thai Restaurant we could find, filled our bellies and headed down to Long Beach to check into our hotel and get a good nights sleep.  After all we were getting up at 4:45am to make sure to be in the early bird line at 5:30!!  Stay tuned for Part 2 of our trip to LA!!