Inventory Shopping Long Beach Flea Market

FINALLY….Part 2!!!  If you love flea markets and hunting down the most unique items you can find for the best price then the Long Beach Flea is just for you.  I found out about it during my online searching for inventory (which seems to be an endless hunt that I’m completely addicted to).  After our very exciting yet tiring shopping day in LA, we stopped at a Starbucks to refuel and make the drive to Long Beach.

We set our alarms for 4:4

5am….we wanted to get the early bird tickets and get into the flea market at 5:30am.  Well, we got there right at 5:30, there really wasn’t a line and with coffee in hand we made our way through the gates super excited.  Never having been, we weren’t sure what the best way to go about this was as not all vendors were even there much less set up.  But we did come early so we could get first pick!!  So a couple of times we were those obnoxious customers that was already making deals with vendors as they were still unloading and setting up.

After talking with a few of the vendors we started making notes of what we liked and where it was located as apparently the best deals are later in the morning/afternoon.  If it was something that we couldn’t live without and just had to have, we made our best offer as we didn’t want to lose out waiting for a better deal.

By noon we were done and had probably walked all 800+ (yes, it is that huge) booths at least 3 times.  Made a few trips to the car to load up stuff, bought a rolling cart so we didn’t have to carry everything then pulled around to the loading dock to pick up the big pieces we purchased.

Can’t wait to go back, was so much fun and I loved every piece we bought!!  Just a couple of my favorite pieces…come visit us to see the rest!!!