Making an Old Couch New Again!

Being a rental company that specializes in vintage furniture, we have had our fair share of redo’s, fixer uppers and some pieces that make us wonder what we were thinking when we bought it! LOL  One of our favorite periods is by far the Victorian Period of furniture which encompasses pieces made between 1837-1901 (everything during the reign of Queen Victoria).  All of the pieces had such intricacy to the wood carvings, basically a ton of areas to collect and harbor dust!!

Our “Eleanor” was our first Victorian furniture purchase and we just adored her…even though she had so much character and was a little rough around the edges!  It was clear that shed had a long history to her and if only she could tell us some stories!!

Phoenix Vintage Couch rental

We loved her in this current green condition but knew we would eventually want to change and give her an update.  Our clients loved her too, and added more stories to her ever growing list.

We finally decided that this past summer was her time to shine again.  While the green was a great color it just wasn’t very versatile so we found a slightly patterned velvet in a light tan color.  We don’t do the reupholstering but we do love to paint and do what we can.  So we stripped off the cording and fabric so we could get the entire wood refinished.  Well look what we found underneath!!


What a gorgeous regal red she once was, if only the entire couch had been covered that would have been amazing!  Unfortunately the back and sides of her had about 5 other layers none of them being red.  We had some pink, gold, and even a floral along with some blue and a different shade of green.  Crazy how many times she had been redone!

Well here she is in all her glory!!  Our new and improved “Eleanor”!




Phoenix Vintage Wedding
We just love her and we know you will too!!  Give us a call and add your story to this beautiful girl!!