Our adorable white tufted love seat “Audrey”

When planning any wedding or event you always have a vision in your head of what you want it to look like, many might come from Pinterest or magazines.  Bringing some of these visions to life can require renting furniture and decor.   We are going to be using our blog to start a series of posts, each one featuring one of our unique pieces of furniture and how they have been used in actual events or photo shoots.  It’s a great way for you to see how one piece of furniture can take on a completely different look.

We love our white tufted love seat “Audrey”.  She has been a favorite of our clients for quite some time and has been used in a variety of ways.  She is made a creamy white colored linen material with matte nickel nail heads around the bottom and elegant carved blonde wood legs.



Recently we have been seeing a lot of couples using love seats or benches at their sweetheart tables.  It is so romantic to be able to share your first meal as husband and wife right next to each other in a cozy love seat.  “Audrey’s” classic look goes with many different styles…she can be vintage, modern, elegant or glam.

We loved how she was paired with the sequin tablecloth and lush swag of greenery and flowers for the sweetheart table at this wedding!

View More: http://annierandall.pass.us/sheazach

This couple used her for their wedding day outdoor photos which came out beautiful!!  Here she takes on a clean and crisp look that allows you to focus on the bride and groom.


She was used center stage in this all white wedding!! The Bride and Groom were able to sit and enjoy their first meal together while they looked out over their guests. what a grand setting!

Pair her with our “Alexis” mirrored coffee table and our “Jennifer’s” set of ghost arm chairs for a quaint modern lounge area.  Perfect space for a small cocktail hour, back yard party or shower.

She’s also been used as a super comfy place for a mom-to-be to sit and while her guests gush over all the adorable presents she will be opening.

All of our pieces can used in many different ways with different styles and colors.  If you need help bringing that Pinterest board to life give us a call, we would love to help you!!

If you are a past client please send us pictures of your event so you too can be featured in our blog posts and social media sites!