It’s All About The Wine Barrels

Wine barrels have so much charm and character, it’s probably why they have been a staple at weddings for the past few years.  They can turn a regular bar or table into something a little more fun and eye catching, a great way to add details to your wedding or party.  Wine barrels can go well with many different themes and styles.  They can easily be rustic, vintage, classic, or industrial.  We scoured the internet finding some fun ideas of how you can you use them at your next event!

You can use them during your Happy Hour as cocktail tables, especially if adding a glass top to them.


wine barrel cocktail tables



Want to make a beverage bar?  Not a problem, you can simply add a piece of wood on top to make a table or a bar.  Or add a large piece of glass to make bistro seating!






2whiskey barrel beverage station


Love how quaint this al fresco appetizer station is set upon the wine barrel.

wine barrel appetizer table


Use them as a way to display your wedding cake.  Definitely sets it apart from the rest of the wedding or anything that is surrounding the cake on the table.

Cake top of barrel


They work great to designate where the isle starts at weddings.  Lots of people set floral arrangements or candles on them.




One of my all time favorites is when couples use the barrel for their sand ceremony.

wine barrel sand ceremony




And just a few more fun uses of the barrels.  Sooooo many ways to incorporate them into your special day!

Wine-barrel-tabletop display




We have a large selection of barrels for you to recreate any of these looks or come up with one as unique as you.  From high tops, to standard table tops to mini barrels, we have it all!  Call us today!